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K-12   FREE

Adult   $1.75


K-5 w/ milk   FREE

6-12 w/ milk   FREE

Adult lunch   $3.75

Adult Salad Bar   $4.00

Milk   50¢

*Your child may purchase an extra entree at $2.00 or an additional lunch tray at regular price.


The Strasburg Lunch ladies are excited to and ready for the challenges of the 2021-2022 school year!     Please encourage your children to eat with us in the Cafeteria!

Eating a healthy breakfast is important for everyone, especially kids.  Breakfast provides the fuel children need for growing bodies and developing brains.  Studies have proven that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school, have higher test scores, participate in class more often and have better attendance records.   If the students do not eat at home, they can get breakfast at school.  Strasburg-Franklin Local School serves FREE breakfast to all students every day.  Help our kids start their day off right!

We have the On-line program set up for parents to pay on-line at  by using your child’s student ID number or you can still pay by check or cash for lunches.  If a student has a negative account balance over $10.00, the student will need to pack their lunch and or contact their parents to apply the money or bring them food.   Charging is NO LONGER acceptable at Strasburg-Franklin School.  If a student wants extra food, snacks or and drinks they will need to have the money in their lunch account or cash to pay at the time of purchase. 


Free and reduced lunch information will be provided for all students in the district. Click here to download the Free and Reduced Lunch forms.


Se proporcionará información sobre almuerzos gratuitos o reducidos para todos los estudiantes del distrito. Haga clic aquí para descargar los formularios de almuerzo gratis y reducido.


Provided by:

Food Service Coordinator - Lana Williams

Cashier - Carol Mizer

Mary Ann Schram

Teresa Smith

Stephanie Clement